Membership Requirements – Code of Practice

Recruiting Standards and Procedures

AILFN members employ a rigorous method of selecting and admitting new member networks. Potential members are evaluated on criteria that include quality, responsiveness, ability to provide a full range of legal services, reputation, use of technology, management structure, training programs and ethical standards.

Membership Review Policy and Procedures

While members apply high standards when approving membership, members  also acknowledge that changes can occur in networks over time. To assure that their member networks continue to be the most highly regarded  – and that they remain committed to providing responsive, exceptional legal services – they regularly review each firm. If a network does not meet their established criteria, membership is not renewed.

Service Standards

Each member network adheres to a general service philosophy as well as to specific standards, such as responding to a request the next business day or sooner. This provides clients (as well as referring networks) with the assurance and confidence of knowing they will receive consistently high levels of skills and service.

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