Top Law Firm Networks:  A Comparative Array

LocateLawNetworks.com (LLN) contains a comparative array of 3,500 independent business law firms that are members of the 45 top international, regional, and/or specialty law firm networks.  General counsel, company lawyers, network members, and any lawyers can now easily identify established vetted local law firms that have a global perspective.

4 Questions of Fact http://www.locatelawnetworks.com answers:

  1.  Where do I  need a vetted law firm? (geography)
  2.  Why do I need another law firm? (possible conflict of interest)
  3.  What service is needed? (expertise and experience)
  4.  Who is available? (comparative array)

Recent activity:
APR 2017:  Profile updates in progress

FEB 2017:  Profile updates requested from each independent business law firm

OCT 2016:  LocateLawNetworks.com digital marketplace launch – Press Release

Steve McGarry, president of AILFN and founder of Lex Mundi and World Services Group, commented: “LLN is truly a disruptive website that captures personal and professional relationships developed over decades. It provides instant access to truly vetted firms in all 150-plus countries, 50 states, and all Canadian provinces.”