AILFN CONTACTS:Interlex_logo
Lawrence Swibel, President;
Fannie Gilligan, Director of Global Administration;

The Interlex Group

200 West Madison Street, Ste. 3000,  Chicago, IL 60606 U.S.
Telephone: 312 224 1214;   Fax: 312 224 1201;   Website:

THE INTERLEX GROUP is a worldwide association of leading law firms that cooperate to provide a complete range of international legal and business services to clients.

May 2017   European Regional Meeting – Brussels, Belgium

March 2017  Werksmans of South Africa joins Interlex

January 2017 — The Interlex Group joins legal industry trade association AILFN

Lawrence Swibel, Interlex President, comments:  “Membership in AILFN strengthens our global connectedness.  Since our founding in 1973, we have always recognized the importance of offering a variety of global resources.” Interlex Group member law firms comprise more than 10,000 attorneys, across 58 countries in 47 law firms.  All member firms are prominent leaders with representative members Perkins Coie (U.S.), Carey (Chile), Taylor Wessing (Germany and United Kingdom), and Deacons (Hong Kong).


Law firm networks are an important part of the global legal sector whose members provide an estimated $ 120 billion in revenue.  We recognize The Interlex Group as a leading law firm network and are delighted to welcome them.”  — AILFN Chairman and GGI Global Alliance CEO Michael Reiss von Filski.

AILFN is a trade association that represents the common interests of all global, regional, and specialty law firm networks. AILFN has four purposes: (1) enhance the position and recognition of all networks in the legal market; (2) establish common principles to maintain standards of quality; (3) provide a forum for networks to exchange information; and (4) negotiate agreements with vendors that can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of networks.

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