36e7f07The Legal Business Market 
by Jordan Furlong

Introduction: The Past,Present, and Future of the Legal Support Ecosystem

The practice of law is hundreds if not thousands of years old.Today’s complex ecosystem of professionals that support,manage, and improve the practice of law is considerably younger. Read more…

The Hundred Largest Law Firms157f113
by Tony Williams

The development of the world’s 100 largest law firms has been quite amazing over the last 10 years and looks to be even more substantial over the next decade.

According to The American Lawyer figures, we now have 30 law firms with annual revenues of more than $1 billion USD; six of those firms have annual revenues of more than $2 billion. Read more…

227e8e2Future: International Law Firms
by Markus Hartung

What does John Doe, managing partner of a typical international law firm headquartered in London, think at the moment? His partners have asked him to come up with a three-year plan to strengthen the firm’s position in its home market and internationally. Read more…

a12729Market and Awareness Issues
by Stephen McGarry

Today, the media is fixated on three models for global legal business: Big law firms, Swiss vereins and the Big 4. Structurally each of these models is inherently ineffective and inefficient for global legal practice. The most efficient and effective model is the law firm network composed of independent firms. Unfortunately, law firm networks are not recognized in the global market as the best strategic alternative, undermining their credibility among their members and their value to clients. Read more…