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The Independent Business Law Firm (IBLF) newsletter is a free monthly publication written by leaders in the legal profession, including consultants, academics, corporate counsel, bar associations, and others.  The IBLF provides information on developments in the global legal profession to address challenging issues and offer timely, tailored solutions for law firms with attorneys number anywhere between 10 and 1,000+.

Law Firm Networks: A Quiet GiantMarkheadshot-small
by Mark A. Cohen

Law firm networks are seldom mentioned in what has become a popular parlor game for legal pundits: speculating who — and what structure — will disrupt the global legal market. Why is this? Read more…


The Legal Business Market 
by Jordan Furlong

Introduction: The Past,Present, and Future of the Legal Support Ecosystem

The practice of law is hundreds if not thousands of years old.Today’s complex ecosystem of professionals that support,manage, and improve the practice of law is considerably younger. Read more…

The Hundred Largest Law Firms157f113
by Tony Williams

The development of the world’s 100 largest law firms has been quite amazing over the last 10 years and looks to be even more substantial over the next decade.

According to The American Lawyer figures, we now have 30 law firms with annual revenues of more than $1 billion USD; six of those firms have annual revenues of more than $2 billion. Read more…

227e8e2Future: International Law Firms
by Markus Hartung

What does John Doe, managing partner of a typical international law firm headquartered in London, think at the moment? His partners have asked him to come up with a three-year plan to strengthen the firm’s position in its home market and internationally. Read more…

Coulter_final-189x175Law Firm Transformation and the Metamorphosis of Narcissus
by Sylvia Coulter

I recently asked the Chair Emeritus of a significant firm what his biggest accomplishment was and what his biggest failure was. He reflected and replied, “the biggest failure was to get everyone on board with the transformation of the firm and where it needs to head next.” Read more…